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We help dispensaries and cultivators grow their bottom line weeds through SEO, content marketing, local SEO, and beautiful website designs.

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Cannabiz focused marketers

Most agencies don't understand the industry and think they can apply generic marketing techniques to any industry. Hashly is a team of marketers who are passionate about cannabis. We've helped various canna-businesses launch and grow their brands against tough competition. 

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Stop Trying To Grow The Hard Way

Growing your dispensary or cultivation shouldn't be hard. Just like picking the right strain or perfecting your grow, it should be simple and straightforward. We nurture, prune, and optimize your website giving you a head start over your competition, following best practices that won't go out of style like bellbottoms. 

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"The Hashly team consistently makes their clients some of highest performing clients." 

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We’ve helped many dispensaries and cultivators increase their online sales by increasing website search engine traffic. We can do the same for your dispensary and cultivation also. We can only work with a limited number of dispensaries and cultivators in a particular area, so book your analysis now.

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