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CRAVE cannabis

CRAVE Cannabis is a Metro-Detroit-based company that sells cannabis products and accessories. They are proud of their local involvement and experience with all things cannabis. Crave is committed to providing the highest-quality cannabis products at accessible prices. Cannabis should be simple and easy to integrate into your lifestyle, which is why Crave strives to provide the best quality products with a wide range of options.

The plan


Website Design

We thought up a lot of ideas that they could make their own by playing with them and sticking to their preferred style. They didn't have a website yet, and they had a lot of influence on what other websites inspire them. Our job was to come up with something distinctive that they could call their own.


Website Structure

Crave's website needed to have a structure that conveyed Google they had three locations and where they were located, where they provided, and that one of the dispensaries permitted on-site consumption.


Google My Business Creation

They hadn't established a Google My Business account for any of their outlets, and they wanted them to appear in local searches. They'd never used a Google Business Profile before, so they didn't know how to improve it.


Web Development

They didn't have a website, and they didn't know what technology they'd need on it to ensure the success of digital purchases.

The Execution


Dispensary Website Design

We spoke with the Crave crew to learn more about what they enjoy and despise. We went back to the drawing board and came up with a unique appearance that set them apart from their competitors in the market. Its distinct look has earned it a reputation for being unique in an area where uniqueness is prized.


Dispensary Web Development

We built their website to be as fast as possible, so that it would load quickly on a mobile devices. We built their website to be as fast as possible, so that it would load quickly on a mobile devices. We designed and developed a location finder for their website, which allows visitors to single-click to the closest store by customizing it.


Technology Consuting

To ensure their online sales were successful and easy, we partnered them with companies like SpringBig and Dutchie to set up their online menu with the loyalty system. We worked with both parties to set up and integrate them into their backend systems along with their website.


Google My Business For Dispensaries

We handled all of the legwork for them, from creating their Google Business Profiles to optimizing them for maximum exposure. This included generating citations on various listing websites, responding to reviews, and creating content for the Google My Business profile.

The results

Developed A State of Art Website & Integrated Online Ordering Technology


Through our local SEO work, we were able to generate additional sales.

Search Engine Visits

Because of our work they are receiving 25K visitors a month.

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