We worked with one of the most progressive cannabis stores in the United States. They are dedicated to supplying high-quality goods at rates that people can afford. We were contacted to help them expand their organic reach outside their customer text message list.

The plan


Technical SEO

Their website could have been faster, and there were a lot of technical issues in the code that needed to be addressed.


URL Structure

Their URLs could have been more precise and more coherent. We needed to develop a solution that would simultaneously let Google crawl the website like a local and national site.


Brand Voice

They had grandiose ideas for spreading their brand voice, but they needed to produce content on their website that supported the company's ideals.


Local SEO

Local SEO signals are required to be more consistent and present. We needed a method to integrate these features without appearing "trying hard."

The Execution


Website Structure

We found that their store pages were buried in irrelevant folders and had no local significance, so we uncluttered their URL structure to make Google's navigation easier and changed the URLs to reflect their city name.


Content Marketing

They had no authentic blog material outside store openings, which read like a press release. We conducted extensive research and produced a content strategy based on what their target audience was looking for online, taking extra care to preserve their brand voice. Their distinct branding and SEO have earned them numerous first places in search results.


Complete Website Revamp

When we first met with the owners, their website was sluggish and lacked crucial code. It was based on an out-of-date theme. Their whole site was re-created from the ground up, incorporating structural changes as well as 301 redirects to assist Google in indexing the new location pages.


Internal Linking & Technical SEO

We used internal linking to the most essential pages in our new content marketing strategy, which gave Google signals that the locations page was vital. We also utilized Schema code and other local Signals on the store pages to help generate organic listings and Google My Business listings.

The results

Increased Online Sales and Customer Loyalty Database


We boosted overall traffic, including blog posts and store pages where visitors may place orders, resulting in more significant revenue for our dispensary locations.

Dispensary Page Views

Every month, over 297K people view their dispensary pages on their website to order products to pick up or have delivered.

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