Cultivator: Website Design and Development

Hi Hills Farms

Hi Hills Farms is an outdoor cannabis grow located in northern Michigan. They have 12 strains they've created. Their dream: to grow quality cannabis in the sun, sustainably & locally. We are passionate about providing a premium product to the Michigan community that we love.

The plan


Cultivator Website Design

Hills Farms wanted a design that not only showed off their high-quality plants, but also demonstrated their concern for the environment and sustainable agriculture methods.


Website Structure

The Hills Farm needed a website structure that allowed Google to understand their location, what they produced, and how different they were from other growers in the area.


Branding and Voice

The Hi Hills team had yet to establish a brand voice for themselves, but they wanted to develop something that could resonate with the cannabis culture and sustainability.


Logo and Package Design

They were a modest operation with only a name and no picture. They needed assistance in creating their logo and packaging so that they could distinguish themselves as a high-quality product among dispensaries.

The Execution


30+ Drone and Plant Shots

We took care of the video and photos necessary for a portion of their website design. The aim was to show off the huge size of their property and operations.



We wrote all of the website copy and produced all of the packaging designs for them to help them promote their message of high-quality goods and sustainable agriculture. To go along with the environmentally friendly design that spoke to their environmental sustainability, we spent a lot of time detailing their items and how they cared for their farms.


Website Development

Having a beautiful website design is no good if you can't get the website to load fast. We developed the website using the latest technology when it comes to WordPress and host the website on our own servers to ensure web pages load as quickly as possible.


SEO Foundation

Even though Hi Hills didn't think to ask about SEO, we ensured that the website was built on a sound SEO foundation because, at heart, Hashly is an SEO first company that always crosses its T's and dots its i's.

The results

A beautiful website design that show-cases their grow operation and it's products.

Minutes Of Drone Footage

Footage they have been able to reuse across multiple platforms, including social media.

Page Website

A robust website that is loaded with information providing information that both consumers and dispensaries are looking for.

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