Content Marketing For Cannabis Businesses

Hashly is the premier content marketing agency in the united states. We've driven millions of visitors (and dollars) through our content marketing making our clients feature snippets on Google on a regular basis.

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Why content is so important to cannabis businesses

For Dispensaries and Cultivators, competing on price is a race to the bottom. You have to stand out from the competition by earning your patients' and clients' confidence. Nurturing brand loyalty through providing amazing content is what wins customers' trust and converts in die-hard fans of your brand.

Local SEO and Google My Business Management

We can't see into the future, but we're really good at keyword research and that's how we know what your customers will want to read about. We choose the themes for our articles or produce other types of content around through keyword research.

Best Writers in the Industry

Our authors have been published in such well-known cannabis publications as High Times, Wikileaf, and A Proper High. They're part of our team and understand how to communicate directly with cannabis consumers because they are as well.

SEO Editing

Having competent writers isn't enough. We utilize our SEO talents to edit new content so that they are not only interesting to cannabis consumers but also appealing to Google and search engines.

What makes Hashly the best SEO company for dispensaries and cannabis cultivators?

Most agencies who offer content marketing do it for everyone and anyone. They don't have the expertise that we do in the Cannabis space because they don't believe in the industry as we do. We've gone out of our way to immerse ourselves into cannabis culture and now we want to help bring your brand into the spotlight of that culture.

Content Strategy and Keyword Research

Content is king but even a king needs advisors. That's why we focus a lot of time on keyword research, basing it on search volume, competition, cost-per-click, and user intent. We're going to make sure we answer the searchers' questions concisely and clearly to earn their trust and their brand loyalty.

Content Development

We'll start working on your content with the agreed amount of material and deliver when we say we will. You can be confident that you're receiving top-notch work from our award-winning authors.

Content Optimization

Great content alone isn't good enough. We need to make sure that not only users understand it but so do search engines. We go through your content making sure all the "nerd stuff" is handled so that search engines like Google can understand and serve your content for the right searches.

Want More Patients and Sales?

Are you building the trust of visitors to lead them to make a purchase on your website? We can show you what kind of content you need to build trust. 

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