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There's a reason why some of the biggest cannabis companies trust us as a key marketing partner for Dispensaries. We know the cannabis industry as well we know SEO. Find out why we're the leading cannabis SEO company by getting your free audit.

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Why the cannabis industry needs special SEO strategies

When it comes to being discovered on search engines like Google, dispensaries encounter a slew of problems. Cannabis SEO incorporates local SEO, national SEO, and content marketing in its plan. Each state also has its own laws and norms that dispensing facilities must adhere to.

Local SEO and Google My Business Management

When it comes to Google My Business for search engine optimization, your dispensary is a local company and must keep up with the most recent strategy. You can't afford to make any mistakes, or people won't discover you if your Local SEO isn't working!

On-site SEO

If your website sends the right messages to Google using appropriate on-page SEO, organic search is simple to win. The majority of cannabis companies fall into this trap, leaving them without organic traffic. We ensure that your website is in excellent working order so you can outperform your competition.

Content Marketing

We've got a team of excellent content writers that write for Wikileaf, A Proper High, High Times, and other publications. Our material not only understands the language spoken by your patients and rec users but also delivers visitors to your website.

What makes Hashly the best SEO company for dispensaries and cannabis cultivators?

Join the marijuana revolution by partnering with an above-board SEO firm that solely focuses on assisting cannabis cultivators and dispensaries in enhancing traffic while also increasing profits through our relationships with SpringBig and I Heart Jane.

Grow your traffic

The term "dispensary near me" is Googled 534,000 times a month nationally, and if you're not appearing for that query, you're missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.

Maximize Profit

Traffic doesn't pay the bills and that's why we are we're certified through SpringBig to maximize customer retention and keep them coming back for more. We're also trained with I Heart Jane to help maximize conversion rate and give you full transparency into what products are being purchased.

Get Found On Google Maps

86% of people search for businesses through Google Maps and not through Google's general search. If you are in a tourist destination, then you're going to need to make sure you're at the top of the search when tourists are looking for a legal weed plug.

Want More Patients and Sales?

People are searching for dispensaries right now, do you know if you're being included in their results. We can tell you if you are!

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Our Cannabis SEO Strategy Is Unique

The cannabis sector is a complex beast, with many gray areas and grey areas. Black-and-white SEO tactics are typical in most industries, but not for the cannabis business. The normal SEO you would get off the street has to learn about the various rules and regulations for each state. We've done our research and worked with several multi-state operators to get your results faster.

Since they don't know what to write about or just have poor writers that aren't passionate about their job, most dispos and cultivators have uninteresting content. Our team of writers works for major cannabis publications such as Wikileaf, High Times, and others. You'll receive material that will get search engines like Google to pay attention to and patients alike.

We use our Dispen.E.O approach, which we developed over time, to guarantee that each of your dispensaries stands out from the rest of the competition in your region. We'll make sure you take up as much Google real estate as possible whether a client wants to learn or medicate.

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Frequently asked questions

What is local SEO?

The approach of obtaining traffic from search engines based on geo-located queries by consumers is known as local SEO. When people look for ‘dispensaries near me,' you will show up first!

How long does cannabis SEO take to work?

The general rule of thumb is that in the first 3 months you should begin to see the number of keywords you're ranking for increase. Between months 3 through 6 you begin to see the traffic begin to increase. After month 6, you should begin to see larger traffic increases.

How long does cannabis SEO take to work?

We start by conducting extensive keyword research to locate the most frequently used keywords in your target demographic. Then, using high-quality backlinks, we will develop fantastic content around those keywords and promote it with high positions in search engines, ensuring that your material ranks highly in search engines.

What is cannabis SEO?

Cannabis SEO is the practice of obtaining traffic from search engines by generating evergreen material that ranks highly in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

How does cannabis SEO work?

SEO for local businesses aims to improve your presence on the internet by working with directories, developing NAPW (name, address, phone number) citations in online yellow pages, increasing backlinks to your website and business. The higher you rank in your area, the more citations you'll need.

What kind of reporting does Hashly Offer?

We create a custom dashboard for each client that brings in live data. In this report you'll be able to track keywords, traffic, backlinks, and what channels are performing the best in you Cannabis SEO campaign.

What do Cannabis SEO services does Hashly offer to dispensaries?

We handle search engine optimization from A to Z. That means we start by going through your website, existing backlinks, and content to make suggestions on all aspects of SEO. We have developers in-house who can make all the technical changes on your website and we're staffed with some of the best cannabis writers in the US. We also manage Google My Business on your behalf, generating posts, questions, and answering reviews to keep your profile as active as possible.

How is my campaign managed?

When you're working with Hashly, you've always got a project manager who is holding your hand ever step of the campaign. They'll be coordinating with the 2 - 3 other people who will be on your account making sure we come correct. We provide you with full transparency of your campaign through our proprietary project management system.

Does Hashly design and develop websites for dispensaries?

We've got plenty of examples of dispensaries that we've designed and developed for. We build every website a strong SEO foundation and structure which will help cut back on the time it take for SEO to start working.

How can I contact Hashly?

You can book your free audit or alternatively, give one of our team members a call after you've gone through your audit.